Citrobioshield – The Most Potent Warrior (Antimicrobial) against Coronavirus

Citrobioshield Antimicrobial
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Before starting on this Blog, I sprayed a mist on my hand, curious to know more about it.

How does Citrobioshield smell?

Well it’s definitely Organic, almost odourless.

It is non-carcinogenic and it is safe for children too. No Side effects. Bottom-line it is the best multipurpose, organic Antimicrobial – Sterilant, disinfectant, sanitizer and immunity booster.

Citrobioshield is a natural & organic product, conceptualized and brought to the market by Germkill India after 14 years of extensive research by a team of medical experts, microbiologists and food technologists. We all have arrived at this great moment. Finally, the time has come for countering the Coronavirus threat with something that is created indigenously in this country.

What does Citrobioshield Contain?

Citrobioshield is a product that contains an active ingredient which is a bio flavonoid complex derived from citrus fruit extracts. It has got multiple applications. Its use ranges right from inhalation of the product by anybody to boost immunity to being used for fogging, spraying to prevent / control COVID-19.

As a Product Citrobioshield is absolutely:




Non- carcinogenic



Safe for Children

What can Citrobioshield be used for?

CitrobioShield has a wide spectrum of use as an antimicrobial. It is an alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants such as formalin, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, Quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine etc. It can be used as an air & surface disinfectant, skin sanitizer, body wash, food wash, mouth wash, food preservative. Practically it can be used any wherever and at any time where high standards of sanitation and disinfection are required.

In terms of testing, Citrobioshield was tested and analysed in multiple Labs. It included our NABL accredited Prewel Labs where we conducted Geobacillus Stereothermophillus spore study – tube dilution method and pour plate method.

We also tested it for ASTM E2315 Method – the Antimicrobial activity time kill procedure.

The Citrobioshield was also tested for flammability and corrosiveness. It successfully passed the studies done in our Lab.

It was also tested at Radiant Research for acute oral toxicity test on Wistar rats and proved to be non-toxic.

Aman Integrated Solutions in U.A.E. tested Citrobioshield for minimum inhibitory concentration on Candida albicans, E. coli, S. aureus, E. faecalis, P. aeruginosa and salmonella which yielded successful results. Citrobioshield was also analysed in Gandhi Hospital for growth Inhibition.

Syncorp Health conducted a clinical study registered as CTRI/2020/08/027085. For this fogging was done for three mins/day for a week with 10% solution at a rate of 50 ml/min. This study results of fall in Neutrophils, lymphocytes and eosinophils, without impacting the respiratory rate.

In-Vitro and in-Vivo tests done at several private and government hospitals and the clinical trial have proven that Citrobioshield is a very safe and effective antimicrobial for use in the presence of human beings and also on the human body.

Dr. R Nagaraja Naidu, the inventor of Citrobioshield and the founder of Germkill India says

“Citrobioshield is a fresh ray of hope in the fight against the COVID 19. I am extremely happy that this product has good antiviral activity that can protect the personnel as well as environment. It is a matter of pride that this is a make in India product from Bangalore. The entire testing process has been conducted and validated as per the ICMR guidelines. Hence, we recommend that this should be adopted as a routine for sterilization process as well as a preventive measure for the COVID 19 at all healthcare destinations. We sincerely request the Govt. of India and the respective state governments direct the authorities for such implementation.”

Citrobioshield is biologically non-corrosive and non-inflammable making it completely safe for epithelial cells and sophisticated machines. This gives way for its application in varied conditions.

To disinfect any area with the use of UV lights or disinfectant liquid normally the area has to be cleared of sophisticated equipment or any persons. But in the case of Citrobioshield there is no downtime at all. Fogging activity can be carried out with machines and people being present in the environment.

So, it can be used with ease at all hospitals, wards, ICU’s and OTs. Disinfection can be carried out for various surfaces, ventilator tubings, beds, instruments etc.

I feel that a product like Citrobioshield should be used at all hospitals, households and public places. If used effectively we might just be able to combat the spread of Coronavirus with Citrobioshield.

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