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Industrial Gas Purity Testing

Why Industrial Gas Purity Testing

A lot depends on the purity of gases. Pharmaceutical companies utilize inert gases as excipients and rely on non-contaminated gases for use in clean rooms. Food & beverages’ manufacturers use gases extensively for preservation and packaging of their products. Producers, traders and distributors supply pure gases for their business.
Whatever business you’re in, if you utilize inert gases or supply industry-grade gas, you know that gas purity is non-negotiable. And testing in-house for purity and contamination can be a hassle because it requires hiring skilled technicians and expensive equipment. Why go through the trouble when we can do that for you? 

Realize your dream of quality , safety and purity with us !

We are a ISO Certified testing facility with expert and skilled technicians. All our testing protocols follow standards issued by the ISO and other internationally recognized agencies.

Gases we test

Additional Parameters that we test for assessing air pollutants present in compressed air.

We Serve

Pharmaceutical companies


Petrochemical/Oil Industries


Food & Beverages Manufacturer




Benefits you derive

Internationally accepted results

Satisfied Traders and Distributors

Zero Contamination of products and classified area

Customized Testing Service

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