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Cosmetic Product Testing Laboratory

Why test Cosmetic Products?

The cosmetic and personal care industry is growing rapidly. Newer, better, and safer products are hitting the shelves every second of the day.

This rapid expansion calls for:

Avail our Cosmetic Product Testing services

Once you contact us, we determine the tests that match your requirements and get right to testing. Our protocols are compliant with international testing standards and our staff are highly experienced and well-trained.

We can help if you have a new product!

Carving out a space for your cosmetic products in the market is challenging and we understand that. We provide testing services for all cosmetics, regardless of whether it is a formulation, prototype or the actual product batch. In addition to providing testing services every step of the way, our expert consultants can also assist you in ensuring your product meets the current regulations.

Cosmetic Testing Services We Provide

Bacterial Aerobic Plate Counts

Fungal Aerobic Plate Counts

Preservative Challenge Testing

Microbiological assays

Expiry date estimation

Bacterial Aerobic Plate Counts

Fungal Aerobic Plate Counts

Preservative Challenge Testing

Microbiological assays

Expiry date estimation

We also test various physical & chemical characteristics, including appearance, colour, odour/fragrance, viscosity, texture, flow and emulsion stability, density, refractive index, and light stability tests.

Our services are for

For small businesses just starting

Your customers deserve the best, regardless of how large your organization is or how long you’ve been in the business.

For larger established brands

Your customers enjoy your product, but how do you ensure the product quality remains? Among all the steps you should be taking for product improvement, testing should be a priority on your list. At Prewel Labs, we test your products for poisoning, microbial contamination, shelf-life and safety.

For consultants in the cosmetics industry

Your search for the perfect testing partner for your client ends here.

Give us a call at 636694230 and we’ll get you started.


Centrifuge testing for cosmetics is a specialized procedure used in cosmetic stability testing labs to assess the separation and stability of cosmetic products under various conditions.

To locate a reliable cosmetic testing laboratory, conduct a search using keywords such as “cosmetics testing laboratory” or “cosmetic product testing laboratories,” and discover our testing facility.

Cosmetic stability testing involves subjecting cosmetic products to various conditions to evaluate their shelf life, consistency, and performance over time.

Reputable cosmetic testing labs prioritize environmental responsibility and follow environmental testing practices to minimize their impact.
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