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Agricultural Soil Testing

As a top-tier agricultural soil testing company in Bangalore, offering soil testing services to assess soil health. Our soil testing lab is officially approved by the accredited by NABL.

Using fertilizers without knowing your soil isn’t helping you.

For decades now, we have relied on fertilizers to increase our crop yields, remedy nutrient deficiencies and better the fertility of our soils. But they don’t always work as expected.

Over the last few years, several reports and studies have discussed the problematic overuse of fertilizers on Indian soil. This phenomenon has led to degradation of soil quality and long-term negative impacts on crop efficiency*.

But, how can we stop it from happening anymore?

Simply by testing our soils. Testing the soil to determine its fertility can give you the answers you’re looking for. It can help you determine the best crop to plant, the fertilizers that are best suited for your land and ways in which you can ensure good soil health. It’s as simple as monitor your soil well, and the crops will take care of themselves 

We see you through testing and consultations.

At Prewel Labs, we provide a range of affordable soil testing services compliant with the ISO/IEC 17025 standards. That’s not it, we help you find the best agricultural practices after the testing results have arrived.

Call us today at +91-6366942390 to schedule a test. 

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* CSE Fertilizer  report:   * 2016 Lok Sabha report: 


Agricultural soil testing is crucial for assessing the health and nutrient content of soil, helping farmers make informed decisions about fertilization, crop selection, and land management practices.

There are several agriculture soil testing labs in Bangalore that offer comprehensive testing services. But your search ends here with PrewelLabs NABL Accredited Soil Testing Lab.

Agricultural testing services in Bangalore typically include soil testing, water testing, plant tissue analysis, and fertilizer analysis to support crop health and productivity.

The soil testing process involves collecting soil samples from your farm, submitting them to the lab, and receiving detailed reports on nutrient levels, pH, and soil recommendations for crop-specific fertilization.