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Medical Device Testing

Why Test Medical Devices ?

With technology evolving rapidly, the innovation in the medical devices sector has become huge. Industries, individuals and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to develop devices that help accelerate treatments and aid in disease diagnosis. As newer products arrive, there’s an increased need for laboratories where medical devices are tested for several chemical and biological parameters and deemed safe to be employed in clinical use. 

We Test Medical Devices For You

Whether it is navigating complex regulatory scenarios, managing budgets and time constraints, or helping you build devices that alleviate the suffering and pain of patients, we can aid you with our testing and consultation services. We test your devices using customized experimental designs and assist you in ensuring that any risks due to the use of your product are minimal.

Our ISO Certification and 30+ years of combined experience speak for the work we do. 

Our Medical Device Testing Services

Bioburden Medical Devices Testing

Bioburden testing is represented by USP 60, USP 61, USP 62, and USP 1111. Nonetheless, USP 60-USP 62 are the essential directions followed for bioburden testing. Film filtration, pour-plate, surface-spread, and most-plausible number procedures are the foundation strategies utilized for bioburden testing.

Methods that we follow:

Priority Medical Device Project, WHO has created a list of priority medical devices that are necessary to counter diseases like cancer and covid-19. This devices help to support quality of care, increase health safety and assist health care infrastructures.

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