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Pharma Testing

Why Pharma Testing?

Getting a pharmaceutical product to the market after discovering its medicinal properties is challenging. It takes years, if not decades, and rigorous in vitro testing and in vivo testing for the development of a product that gets approved. Testing novel pharma products allow chemists and biochemists to determine their safety and efficacy.

Furthermore, pharma testing can help find and measure the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), dose requirements, presence of bacterial endotoxins and the extent of immune allergic reactions to the product, in case they are any. 

No lapses in Quality.

Pharma products often come in direct contact with the user, sometimes through skin, digestive system, or the respiratory system which is why no compromises on quality can be made.

We at Prewel Labs understand this and work hard to ensure that the quality of your products is always at par. Our combined 30+ years of experience, strict adherence to 17025 standards, along with highly trained staff and professionals—all demonstrate this commitment. 

No more contamination in your products!

Microbial contamination during the manufacturing or packaging steps can often lead to decreased shelf lives and quality defects in the product. Microbial testing of pharmaceutical products can help detect contamination, and aid in making decisions about whether or not the manufacturing process needs to be refined any further.

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