About Us

Our Story ?

Most brand stories start with how inspiration struck one of the founders, but our’s doesn’t. Instead, we spent quite some time in the making. We began a few years ago when we knew our jobs couldn’t fulfil our thirst for an entrepreneurial adventure. Therefore when an opportunity of reviving a testing laboratory presented itself, we embraced it with our arms outstretched. We were in the pharma industry before Prewel Labs, so we were not new to the testing industry.

While we were setting up, we found that getting adequate equipment, protocols, documentation, and personnel is not straightforward and that these processes do take their own time. This experience is why we don’t shy away from offering help to those setting up their facilities.

Since we began, our countless conversations with clients made us realize that there’s a lack of information about how harmful certain products and environments can be for our health. One decides to go for testing only after harmful effects show themselves. We have made it a point to address this issue and make customers aware – of what they’re consuming and what they might be exposing themselves to.

We want to make lives healthier and happier. And for that to happen, we also need our clients and customers to trust what we’re saying. That’s why we remain transparent throughout the process of testing, even allowing our clients to visit the labs if they want to. We have come far—we have grown from a few friends to dozens of members. And we are just getting started. 

Our Philosophy

To help people lead healthier and productive lives, and work towards a world where testing services are no longer needed while ensuring safety and quality.

Our Vision

To assure a productive human life

Our Mantra

Quality life every day


Ambarish M Ghali
Prashanth S Hugar

Our Core Values

Be Caring

Be Empathetic

Be Responsible