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NABL Accredited Food Testing Lab in Bangalore

Prewellabs is a premier testing laboratory in Bangalore, specializing in shelf life testing and food sample testing. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team ensure accurate assessments of food product longevity and quality.
As trusted food testing labs in Bangalore, we employ advanced methodologies for reliable results. Choose Prewellabs to safeguard the quality and safety of your food products.

Think again is that food safe ?

Think again is that food
safe ?

Whether it’s your favourite street food or the fresh produce you bought from your trusted grocers’, there are always chances it wasn’t safe. And these are chances on your health you don’t need to take.

But foodborne illnesses are not so prevalent. Or are they?

According to the National Health Profile 2020

24,45,611 Indian citizens had typhoid

1,53,220 were diagnosed with viral hepatitis, and

15,024 contracted Cholera in 2019*.
Although all of these can spread through contaminated food, they are preventable.

One way towards preventing foodborne illnesses is testing. Food testing can detect microbes and other contaminants that go largely unnoticed. Our services can help you fight gastrointestinal illnesses before they even have a chance to disrupt the activity in your gut. 

Yes, your prospective customers deserve that too!

If your organization manufactures edible products or serves dozens of customers food every day, food testing is an even bigger necessity. Not only can it help your customers’ health, but it does wonders for your brand reputation.
Have a food product you’re launching soon? Your answer to where to get food tested is here. We at Prewel Labs are always happy to assist you in your food safety operations. 

Understanding the Importance of Shelf Life of Food

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Food Testing Services we provide

Microbial testing
Adulterant testing
Nutritional value testing
New product development
Shelf life/stability studies
Hygiene Monitoring Program

Microbial Testing

Adulterant testing

Nutritional value testing

New product development

Shelf life/stability studies

Hygiene Monitoring Program

Our services are for


Individuals because testing prevents foodborne illnesses


Hospitals because safe food enhances recovery.

Food product manufacturers

Food product manufacturers, so your products are known for zero contaminants.


Caterers because food safety can boost revenue

Schools & Colleges

Schools and colleges so your students lead healthier lives
New product devlopment
Hygiene Monitoring Program

Benefits of Food Testing

Promises Prevention from Foodborne Illness

Benefits by Assuring Product Safety Thus Accelerating their Brand Reputation.

Safeguards Employees Health Resulting in Increased Productivity.

Brings about Positive Brand Recognition leading to Increased Business Ventures.

promises prevention from Foodborne illness

benefits by assuring product safety thus accelerating their brand reputation.

safeguards Employees health resulting in increased productivity.

brings about positive brand recognition leading to increased business ventures.

Microbial testing
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Adulterant testing
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Nutritional testing
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National Health Profile, 2020:


The cost of food testing will vary depending on the type of tests that are being done and the size of the food sample. However, in general, food testing is a relatively affordable service.

There are many benefits to getting your food tested. For example, food testing can help you to:
  • Ensure the safety of your food
  • Protect your health
  • Comply with food safety regulations
  • Make informed decisions about the food you eat

Choosing an NABL accredited lab ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability in your food testing results. It demonstrates a commitment to quality and compliance with international standards.

There are many food testing labs in Bangalore. You can find a list of accredited labs on the website of the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

Shelf life testing is crucial to assess the quality, safety, and effectiveness of products over time. It helps manufacturers determine expiration dates, optimize storage conditions, and meet regulatory requirements.

Food sample testing may include tests for microbiological contamination, chemical residues, allergens, nutritional content, and sensory attributes. The specific tests depend on the type of food product and regulatory requirements.

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