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Best Air Purifiers

Best Air Purifiers – Brands, HEPA Filters and Effectiveness on Microbes

In general, the lesser the dust, the lesser the chances for bacteria and viruses to attach themselves to, which, in turn, reduces their mobility and decreases the chances of these damaging particles entering our respiratory system – thereby protecting us from infections. However, it should be noted that air purifiers and air cleaners are only a preventive action against the spread of infections.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables and COVID-19 – A Review

Cruciferous vegetables are radish, kale, turnip, knol-kol, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green mustard, rapeseeds, spinach and turnip. These vegetables contain anti-thyroid substances/goitrogens.

Prevent miscarriage

6 Ways How You can Prevent Miscarriage

A miscarriage (or spontaneous abortion) is an unexpected loss of pregnancy in the early gestation period. It’s important to prevent miscarriages because it occur in

Sick Building Syndrome

Falling Sick due to Home Air? You may have Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a condition wherein a person develops respiratory, skin and allergy symptoms when inside a particular building. It often develops as a result of the inadequate ventilation inside the building but it does have other causes.

Citrobioshield Antimicrobial

Citrobioshield – The Most Potent Warrior (Antimicrobial) against Coronavirus

CitrobioShield has a wide spectrum of use as an antimicrobial. It is an alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants such as formalin, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, Quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine etc. It can be used as an air & surface disinfectant, skin sanitizer, body wash, food wash, mouth wash, food preservative. Practically it can be used any wherever and at any time where high standards of sanitation and disinfection are required.

Read Food Labels

How to Read Food Labels and Select the Best Product

Remember the last time you stood perplexed looking at the shelves trying to read food labels that had more than a dozen variety of food items that you wanted to buy. You’re not alone when it comes to deciding which brand of cereals to buy. Often, we look at the food labels and spend a lot of time understanding what the difficult terms on them mean.

Sewage water treatment plant

Sewage Water Management in STPs of Bangalore Apartments

STPs help in treating sewage water and plants can be installed even in residential societies. The treated water can be recycled and used for household purposes. However, regular testing of STP water and equipment is essential to maintain the quality and standard norms of STP water.

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