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Environmental Testing Lab in Bangalore

Our Environments Need Our Attention!

" In 2020, global carbon dioxide emissions worldwide fell by about 6.4%, by approximately 2.3 billion tonnes. "

" In 2020, global carbon dioxide emissions worldwide fell by about 6.4%, by approximately 2.3 billion tonnes. "

This sounds like a respite for our environment, but it’s not. It is predicted that the emissions will bounce back again the next year.

The UN in 2016 reported that a majority of the world’s underdeveloped cities have an air quality much lower than the recommended levels. **

The statistics are worrying. As hazardous gases like carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and ozone continue to accumulate in our environments, tackling the various issues that arise due to these has become a priority for all sectors **.

Governments need to protect and safeguard their citizens from the respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses that are developed due to polluted environments.

Manufacturing industries need to change their practices to reduce their emissions into the atmosphere. They also need to safeguard their own staff members from any potential issues.

Hospitals, schools and colleges need to consider the quality of their indoor environments and take steps to remedy any problems.

What is Environmental Testing?

Environmental hazard testing allows governments, industries and other organizations to test various parameters (in our indoor and outdoor environments) against the established standards.
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Ambient Air Quality Testing

We perform tests to measure these parameters to estimate the ambient air quality of environments

Stationary Source Emission Testing

The tests that we perform for this is to monitor air pollutants emitted by stationary sources such as industries, power plants, refineries, and boilers.

*   ** 


Our environmental testing laboratory in Bangalore offers a wide range of services, including environmental water testing, environmental analysis, and more. We provide comprehensive solutions to assess environmental quality.

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Yes, our state-of-the-art environmental testing labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure accurate and reliable results in environmental analysis.

Our environmental lab services cover a broad spectrum, including environmental water testing, air quality analysis, soil testing, and more. We cater to various environmental testing needs.