Water Testing

Water Testing


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Physical:  Colour, Odour, pH value, Turbidity, Total dissolved solids, Conductivity

Chemical:  Calcium (as Ca), Chloride (as Cl), Fluoride (as F), Iron (as Fe), Magnesium (as Mg), Nitrate (as NO3), Sulphate (as SO4), Total alkalinity as calcium carbonate,  Total hardness (as CaCO3).

Microbiological : Total Coliform Bacteria , MexicoE. coli or Thermotolerant Coliform Bacteria

Heavy Metal: Cadmium (as Cd), Cyanide (as CN),Lead (as Pb),Mercury (as Hg),Molybdenum (as Mo),Nickel (as Ni),Total arsenic (as As),Total chromium (as Cr)

Pesticide: Alachlor, Atrazine, Aldrin/Dieldrin, Alpha HCH, Beta HCH, Butachlor, Chlorpyriphos , Delta HCH, 2, 4 – Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acids, DDT ,Endosulfan, Ethion,Gamma HCH, Isoproturon,Malathion, Methyl Parathion, Monocrotophos,Phorate


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