Why Pharma Testing has become important?

The pharmaceutical industry is significant for public health because it innovates, develops, and supplies medicine and medical equipment. What better example than the coronavirus pandemic! The world has increased emphasis on the pharma industry for developing potential solutions to combat the virus. The pharma sector plays a crucial role in discovering products for the health sector.

When a new pharma product is discovered, it needs to undergo a series of tests before entering the market. This process, known as pharma testing, ensures safe use or consumption of pharma products. Besides safety, pharma testing is conducted for enhancing the efficacy of the products. Product efficiency is confirmed by implementing clinal tests on animal subjects first, followed by human testing. The efficacy is determined by analyzing the response. Pharma testing also helps to identify the dose requirement for administering the respective treatment. It also guarantees the delivery of quality products to the consumers.

Various testing options that we provide:

Microbiological Testing

Includes tests that enable identification of harmful microorganisms. They ensure safety and prevent any risks associated with microbes.

Sterility Testing

Identification of Micro-Organisms

Bacterial Endotoxins Test

Testing for Allergens

Mycotoxin Testing

Biochemical Assay

Microbial Assay

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC)

Bioburden, TAMC and TYMC


Preservative Efficacy testing