6 Ways How You can Prevent Miscarriage

6 Ways How You Can Prevent Miscarriage

Almost 30% of all pregnancies result in miscarriages, are there ways of preventing these? Yes a conceiving mother needs to focus on the right diet, less amount of stress, engaging in small active works and avoid alcohol completely.

A couple reading Food Labels in a supermarket

How to Read Food Labels

We often look at the food labels and spend a lot of time understanding what the difficult terms on them mean. And it’s not an easy task when most food companies are keen on making food labels difficult to understand.

STPs In Bangalore

STPs in Bangalore

Under unregulated conditions, STPs in Bengaluru faced problems because substandard quality STPs were sold in the city. These plants are not up to the mark in terms of design and fabrication, and are unable to treat sewage.

Importance of Water Testing in Monsoon Season

Importance of Water Testing in Monsoon Season

Potable quality should be tested from time to time to keep its quality and purity at check. For the testing, two liters of drinking water are assessed for different water quality parameters.