Why Test Food ?

The safety of the food remains a high priority for industry stakeholders, regulatory agencies and consumers. Due to the health and safety risks posed by chemical, microbiological and environmental contaminants, food testing is increasingly becoming a centerpiece of food safety programs. Public awareness of safety issues is quickly gaining ground. Recent events have been captured in news headlines, highlighting the diverse safety challenges posed by food contaminants.

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Schools & Colleges

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Various Food testing options Prewel Labs provides

Microbial testing

Adulterant testing

Nutritional value testing

Shelf life/stability studies

New product devlopment

Hygiene Monitoring Program

Benefits of Food Testing

For Consumers

promises prevention from Foodborne illness

For Manufacturers

benefits by assuring product safety thus accelerating their brand reputation.

For Corporates

safeguards Employees health resulting in increased productivity.

For Caterers

brings about positive brand recognition leading to increased business ventures.


Microbial testing


Adulterant testing


Nutritional testing