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Side Effects of Drinking Water from a Plastic Bottle

Side Effects of Drinking Water from a Plastic Bottle

Bottled water products are promoted as being cleaner than conventional tap water, but research demonstrates otherwise. Findings explain that if a person chooses to drink from a plastic bottle, chances of consuming plastic is higher than ingesting tap water from a glass.

Can UV Light Kill Coronavirus

Can UV Light Kill the Corona Virus

UV light in some form and concentration has found success in killing microbes, which is why researchers are assessing its efficacy against the coronavirus.

Work Desk Cleaning List

5 Point Checklist to Clean your Work Desk

This infographic summarises the places around your work desk that needs to be sanitized to reduce the chances of having any kind of microbes that can infect anyone. Do share it with your colleagues so that they can also maintain the best levels of hygiene.

Water Testing in Monsoon

Importance of Water Testing in Monsoon season

Significance of Consuming Good Quality Water Safe potable water is essential for protecting public health. Which is why water testing before utilization for consumption and

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