5 Point Checklist to Clean your Work Desk

Work Desk Cleaning List
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A Cleaning List to Avoid Covid-19 in your WFH Environment.

It been quite a few months now that the working from home has become the new normal. In India most of the IT, ITes companies have shifted to the WFH format. Most employees have setup their entire working environment at their homes. Twitter has allowed it employees to work forever from home. Whereas Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook has allowed most of its employees to work from home till next year. This infographic summarizes the places around your work desk that needs to be sanitized to reduce the chances of having any kind of microbes that can infect anyone. Do share it with your colleagues so that they can also maintain the best levels of hygiene.

Infographic on Cleaning your Work Desk
Infographic on Cleaning your Work Desk

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